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Musicians gathered to perform at Terry Concert Hall.

Terry Concert Hall will turn shades of blue

March 25, 2019

JACKSONVILLE Fla.­­—If you were to think of the title "Rhapsody in Blue," one of the first people who would come to mind would undoubtedly be George...

Police mark off the Gate gas station hours after the Dec. 15 shooting.

Increase in local crimes prompts campus safety

March 25, 2019

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -“R.I.P Martin. You were such a bright smile. You will be missed.” This message, along with a picture of 55-year-old gas station...

From left to right: Kamia Addison, Janna Gaskins, Courtney Barclay, Courtney Pugh, and Jezabel Rosa during pop up shop.

JU class campaigns for local clothing brand

March 25, 2019

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.— Some lessons are meant to stay in the confines of the classroom. Others, not so much. On March 5, the strategic communications...

The famous Universal globe located at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Goodbye JU, hello spring break

March 25, 2019

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Florida is one of the biggest destinations for spring break vacation. However, some students in Florida have a hard time planning...

Lawrence’s Grocery store located in Two-Egg, Florida.

Rural Gems: Just a “Two-Egg” Town

March 25, 2019

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.— Nestled on the intersection of State Road 69 and State Road 69A, not far from the Chattahoochee River, is a town consisting of little...

Kiara Meeks on her way to score against Florida Gulf Coast University.

Our Team Matters, Too

March 4, 2019

rrent record of 12-12, the Jacksonville University Women’s Basketball Team is in third place in the Atlantic Sun Conference. Fanticous McNair, a first-year assistant ...

The plight of the commuter

Sheldon Larmond, Contributing Writer

February 27, 2019

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. –College can be a tough deal, but it’s much tougher when you’re avoiding accidents on the road while getting to class. This is the plight faced by students who live at home and travel to school by car. Commuter students face several challenges when attempting to take classes to obtain their degree. The same problems find their way to Jacksonville...

Under the microscope: Journalism

Hannah Murray

February 27, 2019

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—Amidst our culture that breeds phrases such as "fake news" and "alternative facts," the perception of a trustworthy media system is at an all-time low. According to a poll conducted by Gallup in 2016, only 32 percent of the public report a trust in media. Gallup reported that number to be 74 percent in 1976 in the post-Watergate age. According to...

Dr. Sarah Parker performing at the debut of The Vagina Monologues at Terry Concert Hall on Feb. 7

The Vagina Monologues empowering women

February 20, 2019

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—"Wet, silky, mystifying." All words used by the cast of “The Vagina Monologues,” which debuted for the second time at Jacksonville...

For her immersive journalism piece, Hannah Murray drove around campus on a wheelchair for almost a week to test JU’s accessibility

Under the microscope: How accessible is our campus?

December 10, 2018

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.— For many students, visiting a college campus can be an exciting time, one filled with opportunity and new adventures. For other...

A Closer Look At The Cheating Habits of Students

A Closer Look At The Cheating Habits of Students

December 10, 2018

Disclaimer: The names of students highlighted in this article have been modified to protect their identity. JACKSONVILLE, Fla.— We know the term by its several aliases: A...

No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached

October 28, 2018

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.— On Oct. 11, history will be made in the black box theater of Phillips Fine Arts Building. Carlos Adorno, 20, is the first student...

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