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Create Space in Your Dorm Room

Bryan Jones

September 14, 2010

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Another school year is upon us, and for the underclassmen along with some seniors, that means dorm rooms. Whether you are living in Oak, Williams, or Botts Hall, a few things are the same.  A couple of them would be the dreary walls and inadequate outlets. If you’re looking for a few ideas to help you out, these tips may help. The first thing you should do is pick up a...

Nellie Travels The Globe This Past Summer

Lauren Tidwell

September 8, 2010

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Studying abroad is a great way to experience a new way of life and expand your horizons. Most majors can earn anywhere from a semester’s worth of credit to a full year.  Also being abroad is a great way to take in or practice other languages and social practices. This summer International Education Programs (IEP) at Jacksonville University took JU students all over the...

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