Keeping up with Courtney: Adventures in Chicago, Day 2


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My adventures continued here in the windy city today, starting with my first legal drink at midnight for my 21 birthday. Today was a long and eventful day, filled with sessions on sports and how to’s about the journalism, ending with a two-hour tour of the Art Institute of Chicago dinner on the rooftop, and drinks on the 95 floor of the John Hancock Building.

When standing on top of the Hancock building you look out and see the world. The tall buildings you think are huge when standing at the bottom look like tiny specs of dust from all the way up there. The city lights brighten every inch of space you look out on to.

It’s incredible looking out and seeing a world that looks like it jumped off the canvas of a painting. A city that is just too beautiful to even imagine, and I’m standing right on top of it. Looking down and seeing the amazing things we have created; the amazing things that are still here today that have been around for hundreds of years. Everything is filled with such culture. It’s completely new compared to Jacksonville. You can feel when you step outside that there’s a history that Chicago has. It radiates through you, making you feel like you belong nowhere else.

I feel so blessed to be in this city, to see these amazing things and to be with these amazing people. I’ve learned so much, not only in the sessions but just walking around the city. I feel like I’m a part of something so much bigger than me and it’s one of the most amazing feelings. To know that you are a part of a world that has so much history and to be a part of an amazing team of fellow students and advisors who are only pushing us to be the best we can be is just utterly mind blowing when you really think about it. You realize that it’s not always all about you, but your team and those around you.

I’ve only been here for one day, but I can already say I’ve learned so much. Whether it’s learning about sports writing and now being interested in actually writing for sports, or just learning something about the city and the people that I’m with, this trip is definitely fulfilling a part of me that I didn’t quite know was empty.

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