Master Dancers Blend Elements to Create Art in Motion


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Photo by Yasmeen Stogden

Dancers participating in the masters program have been working their toes to the point of bleeding, getting ready to show the students of Jacksonville University what they have been working on all semester.

During the Oct. 31 lunch period and also on Nov. 1 at 7:30 p.m., all students were invited to head to the Brest Dance Pavilion for a short showing of five pieces of the MFA student’s work.

The opening number was a trio danced by Lara Trask, Megan Tully and Elle Nielson. The piece was dedicated to the choreographer’s, Annette Flores, grandfather.

Before the start of the piece, Flores stated for all to hear, “Grandpa you provide us with a beautiful passion for the Arts, which has brought much joy to our lives. So this is for you, miss you, love you.”

Another piece told a love story of dancers Rachel Cliff and Julian Rachal, choreographed by Jerry Opdenaker.

“This piece was just beautiful to watch,” sophomore Yasmeen Stogden said.

Stogden said the piece that spoke to her the most was a group number involving the elements around them.

“The choreographer decided to have half of the piece in silence, and they had a tarp with water on the floor,” Stogden said. “Watching the different elements coming together was really crazy. Everyone had a different opinion about what it was about but to me it just felt peaceful.”

Other pieces were choreographed by Reyna O’Leary, Andre Tyson and Joy Esplin.

For more opportunities to see the dancers of the Jacksonville University dance department perform, the Senior Choreography Concert is showing for three nights starting Nov. 15 through Nov. 17 at 7:30 p.m. in Swisher Theater.

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