Mock Rock on the River

Mock Rock on the River


By: Makayla Earl

The most attended event during Homecoming week was by far Mock Rock, the lip syncing contest where team members of organizations get dressed up and dance to music themed to match that of Homecoming.

Teams stood around the brand new amphitheater dressed in black pants and tight shirts to match the ’50s theme of this year’s homecoming, waiting for their names to be called to go up on stage to perform.

Tensions were high as the first team, the reigning champs, Sigma Chi, took to the stage. The fraternity members danced their hearts out in suits and ties to the ’50s music they picked out with the help of choreographer, junior Marissa Garcia.

“When the boys asked me for help I couldn’t say no,” Garcia, a dance major, said. “And it paid off in the end. I was like a proud mama watching them in the audience Friday night.”

When the fraternity boys left the stage, the crowd was in an uproar, cheering for the champions of last year’s Mock Rock. It wasn’t until Alpha Epsilon Phi took the stage when the crowd realized it would be some tough competition.

“Even though I was really proud of the Sigma Chi boys, I couldn’t help but know that my sisters had taken it all when they started dancing,” Garcia said. “They did an amazing job, and I’m happy to say I’m part of an organization such as this.”

When it came time to announce winners, people were surprised to hear that Sigma Chi didn’t even make the top three. Delta Delta Delta took third place, while Alpha Delta Pi took second and the winner was Alpha Epsilon Phi missing only two points from a perfect score.

Olivia Wardle, novelty and comedian coordinator for Dolphin Productions and one of the hosts of Mock Rock, believes the show went well for all organizations involved.

Mock Rock is a great way for different organizations to participate in campus activities.

“All the teams played fair and put on a great show,” Wardle said.

Junior Codee Fuquay, director of DP and co-host of Mock Rock felt that there was a high level of energy and competition.

“From the past three years I’ve been here at JU I have never seen such great energy come from organizations here on campus. Though there was not a big change-up of music amongst the groups, each team was able to bring something different.”