Homecoming Dance Misses a Beat


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All week events on campus were leading up to the big Homecoming dance where Dolphin Productions would announce the winner of the Fin, the competition that had team organizations attending each event.

The Homecoming dance started promptly at 8 p.m. in the Swisher Gymnasium that was decorated just like Rydell High from the movie “Grease.” Fifties themed foods such as corndogs, sloppy Joe’s and root beer floats were provided for students upon entering the gym.

Although decorations and food provided the atmosphere needed for the dance, there was a lack of attendance from the students at Jacksonville University. Students said they blamed this on the advertising or lack there of for the entire homecoming week.

“I thought DP could have done a lot more to get the events known on campus,” said junior Clayton Levins. “There are so many ways to advertise on campus, and I just didn’t see a lot of them being utilized. The only way I knew about the events was the sign outside of the commons, but if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t have known much about homecoming other than what people were telling me.”

Olivia Wardle, novelty and comedian coordinator for Dolphin Productions, said she believes DP had done a lot to make sure the events during homecoming week were well known to all students on campus.

“Dolphin Productions just hired a new marketing coordinator, but I don’t think that hurt us in our advertising for homecoming,” Wardle said. “There were notices on OrgSync, whole sections in the student newsletter and flyers that were passed out to students on campus. I don’t think people should have had an issue about knowing when and where the events were this past week.”

Even though there may have been a lack of communications with the advertising of the homecoming events, the students that did come to the dance and the events during the week said they had fun. Senior Katherine Ramsey said she wished more people showed up to the events.

“Personally, I had fun even though there weren’t many people there,” Ramsey said. “I was able to celebrate JU with my team and winning the Fin in the end really put the cherry on top of everything.”

Ramsey is president of Alpha Epsilon Phi, the winning team of not only Mock Rock with an almost perfect score, and Miss Dolphina, but they took home the overall prize of winning the Fin.

“I’m very proud of all of my sisters,” Ramsey said. “Even though there were not many people to celebrate at the dance with us that night when we were announced winners, we still made a good time out of it and we had each other. That is what really matters to us.”

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