Captain's Corner: Welcome to Homecoming


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As you may or may not have noticed, last week was Homecoming. You may have also noticed that this is our special Homecoming edition. In these pages you will find several photospreads of the different events held on campus. What these pictures won’t tell you is that it is mostly a Greek-fest. I’ll come back to that.

I love Homecoming. Everybody should love Homecoming. It is a celebration of our university’s past, present and future. Current students, faculty and alumni come together to build a sense of family and togetherness. But I have to tell you, I don’t feel very together. I certainly don’t feel very together with the community at large.

At all these homecoming events, it is the same groups. The Greek community is always in attendance, dwarfing any other group on campus with the percentage of members that show up.

Now, some may say that this is because the Greeks only show up to sign in to get points and by doing so win “The Fin,” the trophy that goes to the team that accrues the most points during the homecoming events. Notice I said “team” and not “greek organization.” Anybody can enter a team. Everybody should enter a team. I cannot begin to tell you how much better homecoming would be if there were more teams entered.

Two years ago the International Student Association entered a team and won. They’ve entered every year since and it has been incredible. They have been stiff competition and that is awesome. I wish more campus organizations would follow their lead.

Because homecoming was boring. Mock Rock was a lot of fun to watch, mostly because of the sorority Alpha Epsilon Phi, who must have hired a professional choreographer because good lord that dance was intense. (I’m joking, girls.) But Big Man on Campus and Miss Dolphina, the pep rally and the parade, all of it feels like it’s missing something. It’s been four years of basically the same thing. And I’m tired of it. I want a homecoming that everybody wants to come to. I showed up at the homecoming dance to pick up a homecoming shirt, and I was not the only one that showed up, grabbed a shirt, and immediately left the building. At least they managed to keep people interested with the stuffed animals.

There is just something about a dance in a gym that feels just way too middle school for my tastes. Granted, it was relevant to this years homecoming theme, but all the same, I miss the days when we went to River City Brewing Company. That place was a lot of fun and people seemed to enjoy the homecoming dance a lot more before it was on the riverfront or in the gym. Seriously, Dolphin Productions? The gym? I can’t get over that.

All the same, I want to see more participation from the school at large. Maybe that means someone has to step up and plan better events. Maybe it just means we all show a little more pride in our school. If I didn’t like being at JU, I would have left already. I have a ton of friends who have transferred. But I didn’t because I’m proud of where I go to college and I love the small school community atmosphere. But as small as we are, we could have a lot bigger homecoming. At least we won our homecoming football game. Check that story out in our sports section.

My point is this. Show some pride in your school. Come to the events. Get together with some friends and create a team for homecoming. JU has a lot to offer and I hate to see people wasting opportunities. I can’t tell you how many times people have told me they wished they had known about an event that they found out about by reading the paper. I have a solution to that. Pay attention to the boards around campus, to the big flashing sign outside the commons. If it comes to it, just ask me. I’ll let you know what’s up.

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