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Summer is at its end and most people only have one thing in mind, that little morning breeze, a weather that seems to be perfect for the athletes and like “Siberia” for others. In simpler terms, it is the season of fall. Probably the most loveable season for an educated fashionista. Why? Two words: Fashion Week. The most important event there is in the life of a fashionista. Fashion Week is an exclusive event. It only happens twice a year. In the mind of a fashionista, all inspiration must come from the runway. There is no need for us to start any kind of trend, we have designers for that. We just need to lay back and wait for them to come up with new ideas.

Fashion week is a way for designers to show off their latest collections. It is a way for them to let their imagination out so they can create innovative new designs. As humans, it is in our nature to see the positive and the negative in everything. So talking about what went wrong during the 2012 fashion week would be natural. I like to think that there is no faux-pas when we talk about exploring our creativity. It is what fashion week is all about for the designers.

Unfortunately, most of the fashion capitals already had their fashion week. The only one left is Tokyo, starting on Oct. 12. Don’t get too excited, if you didn’t receive an invitation or if you are not a journalist, you have few chances to even come close to that event. Not everyone has the opportunity to go to a fashion week. Actually, one of my goals in life is to get invited to be in the front row of a runway show during the fashion week. Hey everyone has the right to dream big, right?

We can now reflect about what is going to be trendy in spring and summer of 2013. It is never too early.

– The Color: pastel will be your best bet. Summer 2012 is old; neon is out of the trend. We are now looking for fresh and light colors.

– The Item: Peplum, whether it is on your shirt or on your skirt, the peplum will help you stay trendy next spring.

– The Animal: bird print, it might be strange because birds don’t have a particular print like the leopard or the zebra but designers are just using the outline of a bird.

– The Silhouette: drop waist, for years we let the 70s take control of our era, it is time to call it a day. High-waist begins to be old news.

– The Fabric: Matte Satin, we are heading to a more sophisticated look for this following spring. But don’t throw away your leather jacket; this fabric is timeless.

As you see, many trends come to light during the fashion week. Now that we have all the tools that we need to be trendy, let the show begin.

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