Big Man on Campus and Miss Dolphina Crowned at Homecoming


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By: Makayla Earl

There were 11 finalists among the Jacksonville University student body that competed in the “Big Man on Campus” and “Miss Dolphina” competition. On Sept. 25 at 7 p.m. the finalists participated in a two-round exhibition that was judged by four JU faculty judges to make it to the top six and the chance to be crowned at the Homecoming Football Game.

For round one, the participants paired up and showcased a talent relevant to this year’s theme, Flippin’ Back to the ’50s. The teams were as follows: Doug Edwards and Taylor Habershaw, VonHayes Switzer and Kelly Dearing, Codee Fuquay and Kim Mak, Matt Shank and Shannon Etheredge, Jairid Pacileo and Michelle Csapek, and Brittany Nickell. Round two consisted of 50’s and JU trivia questions. One from both categories was presented to each participant.

As the audience was sitting impatiently in their seats, wondering what was about to go on, the participants were getting prepared to perform their take on the ’50s. Edwards and Habershaw danced to the song “Do You Love Me?” by The Contours; Switzer and Dearing performed a skit about their son attending JU; Fuquay and Mak participated in a wedding, Fuquay as Elvis and Mak as Marilyn Monroe; Shank and Etheredge performed their own original lyrics to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song; Pacileo and Csapek performed a lip sync to a ’50s song mash up and, last but not least, Nickell performed a solo opera piece.

After the event, JU students were encouraged to vote for their favorite male and female participant who they thought deserved to be crowned homecoming queen and king. As the week went on, the student body and the participants were more and more eager to find out the results. At the homecoming game on Sept. 29, at approximately 3 p.m. the winners were announced: Nickell as “Miss Dolphina” and Edwards as “Big Man on Campus.”

“Coming into college as a freshman I never would of believed I could one day be crowned Miss Dolphina,” Nickell said. “This whole experience meant more to me than it probably should, but the knowledge that there were professors, faculty and my peers that thought I would be fitting of the title is an amazing thing. Winning Miss Dolphina will definitely remain a highlight of my senior year!”

Edwards was humbled by the crowning and contributed his involvement in many organizations to his win.

“Looking back at my Freshman year, I never imagined that I would end up achieving the things that I have at JU,” Edwards said. “It just goes to show that college presents so many new chances to improve yourself in almost every way imaginable. If you take advantage of even a fraction of the opportunities that you are given as an undergrad, odds are you’ll end up in a much better place that you ever thought was possible.”

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