College Republicans Get Vote of Confidence From JU


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With Barack Obama visiting Rollins College in Winter Park, Romney visiting Flagler College in St. Augustine and many other politicians visiting an array of colleges across the state proved that Florida’s swing state status rests considerably in the hands of college students. According to the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement’s (CIRCLE) analysis of the Census Current Population Survey 1984 to 2008, 87 percent of registered college students voted in the 2008 elections and that was the highest turnout rate for this demographic since 1984. On November 6, the 2012 elections will be greatly influenced by college students with a hunger to repair local and national problems, with a voice and a right to do so.

Because of this voice, students at Jacksonville University have reorganized the College Republicans on campus, with the College Democrats possibly being organized within a couple of weeks.

“It was on campus before but it dissolved so it took me this summer to write up a new constitution and get everything approved,” Christopher Bebout, president of the College Republicans, said. “It’s brand new again. We’re trying to get ourselves known across campus.”

The organization strives to make their political voice known. They are encouraging other students with the message that every student’s voice can make a difference in the upcoming elections.

“Our main goal is to stress the core values of the Republican Party and right now, since it’s a big election year, we’re trying to get college students to pay attention because it’s very important,” Bebout said. “Since we’re brand new on campus, we just had our first meeting this past Monday. We had a pretty good turnout. We’re also doing a lot of stuff with the Political Science Society as well. Off campus we’re trying to push people to volunteer at different headquarters and things like that.”

Even though the College Republicans are a new organization on campus, the club already has some ideas for upcoming events.

“We’re going to try to bring in some local figures, maybe even national figures, to try and talk to us,” Bebout said. “We are looking at trying to get Aaron Bean to come in and speak for us. We are going to do a lot of fundraising, some events around the area and a lot of stuff with UNF as well.”

The College Democrats is not yet an official group on campus, but the club is being organized. It is estimated to commence in a couple of weeks, though the startup is still unknown, sophomore Alex Miskell said.

“My grandpa was a Democratic Ohio Senator, and I’ve been big in politics all my life,” Miskell said. “We’re trying to get support for Obama since I’ve seen a lot of republicans in support of Romney down here.”

Whether the vote is for a Democrat or a Republican, both sides encourage college students to vote. The last day to register is October 9 and Election Day is on November 6.

“I think a couple reasons why college students should vote is because of the debt we’re in now,” Bebout said. “It’s going to be our generation that’s going to be paying all this back and we don’t want that at all. That’s the biggest reason. Also, I think it’s really good because it’ll give them a good grasp about what’s going on at a local sense, give them time to do research and see what’s going on. If they don’t they’ll just go on what people are saying and what their parents are saying.”

Those interested in joining the College Republicans can try and make the next meeting, which will be announced via the notice boards on campus.. A fee of $10 will go toward T-Shirts and the College Republican’s account to help fund the program in its beginning stages.

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