Campus Organizations Clean-Up JU


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Jacksonville University is a school that prides itself on many things, one of them being the cleanliness of the campus. On Sept. 22 Greek organizations as well as the Environmental Conservation Club and Student Oceanic Society, ECO/SOS for short, cleaned up trash and debris on the main part of campus and on the riverfront.

George Wahl, junior, and Kayla Zucker, junior, thought of the idea for a campus cleanup as a way for both organization’s new members and veteran members to get to know one another and keep JU clean.

Zucker was happy to participate in the cleanup, saying that it was a way for everyone to see what Greek organizations are really about.

“People often forget that we all have philanthropies we raise money for and they’re really important to us,” Zucker said. “By doing this cleanup it showed that JU is also really important to us and set an example for our new members to keep our campus clean.”

Cameron Cobb, freshman, thought the campus cleanup was a great idea.

“I believe that the campus cleanup was a great way to preserve the beauty of our small community,” Cobb said. “I also believe that the campus cleanup allowed for a better understanding and connection with the brothers and sisters of the two participating fraternities and sororities on campus.”

The river cleanup started directly after the campus cleanup and included those involved in ECO/SOS and anyone who was willing to come out and support the cause.

“The river has come a long way since I came to JU and we want to continue its progress,” Brett Durda, treasurer for ECO/SOS, said.

For two hours students cleaned trash out of the water that is harmful not only to the animals but to humans as well.

“We filled up three 30 gallon trash bags, not including a life jacket and a 60- foot wrought iron chain that we dug up,” Durda said. “We did better this time because we had more people in attendance. We were able to get smaller pieces of trash. One or two more cleanups and our shoreline will be relatively clean. However our goal is to make the river clean, not just the shoreline.”

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