Captain's Corner: Consistency is Key


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My dear friends, colleagues and readers. Today is one of the most important days of my semester. This is the first print issue of the 12-issue run of the 2012-2013 Navigator. I have taken over from two previous Editors-in-chief who raised the standards more than I think anyone could have hoped for. They poured their hearts and souls into this paper, and it shows. In 2010 we won an Associated Press media award. We didn’t win last year, but we must have been close. Our pictures were solid, our layout was good and our content was better.

We made mistakes, sure, but a lot less mistakes than used to be the norm. We are improving. I plan to continue that tradition of constant improvement. I have this space here in this paper to say whatever I want. I can use it to discuss my life, politics, or I could use it as a space to give relationship advice. I can tell you I likely won’t be giving relationship advice, as I doubt I’m in any position to be handing out that kind of wisdom.

Instead this space will be used for the benefit of you, the reader. That is my promise. Not only for this, my personal space, but for the entire content of the Navigator. Every story, every picture and every headline will be aimed at increasing the readers knowledge of JU and the campus community. We are not a paper designed for the city of Jacksonville.

The Navigator is JU’s paper. We will cover JU events, display pictures of JU students and we will make sure to relate world events to how they affect you. This column is how I can personally relate to you, discuss how I feel about JU and give any advice or guidance that is required.

I am dedicated to this publication, I am dedicated to this University, and in this, my senior year, I plan to make a difference in the best way that I know how.

As editor-in-chief of the paper this year I have some strengths that the two previous EIC’s did not. Both of them were very worldly, whereas I am younger and less versed in that way. However, I am much more connected to the campus as a whole. My resume speaks for itself for how involved I have been in several different facets on this campus.

As a former member of Dolphin Productions, I know a good deal about the different speakers and events that are brought to campus, along with the ins and outs of one of our proudest traditions.

As a former employee of the Career Development Center, I know all about internships, jobs and other business-related happenings.

As a member of Greek-Life, I have personal connections to some of the most involved leaders of this campus.

As a previous orientation coordinator, I am very close with many faculty members that have their offices in the Davis Student Commons.

As an ambassador, I spend a lot of time giving tours to incoming students and their families.

As a staff member of the Navigator, I have written numerous stories about various aspects of JU, it’s students and its facilities.

In short, I am as deeply entwined in the campus as it is in me. That is what I have to give back. That is what you look forward to. A paper staffed by energetic, informed students who have your best interests at heart. That is my promise to you. Consistent, significant improvement.

So make sure to pick up a copy of the Navigator every other week, and go online to check out our Web edition, because we are doing it for you.

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