Jacksonville Jaguars Sell Discount Tickets to JU Students


In most cases, attending a professional football game has become a privilege to those who can afford the high costs of tickets, parking, food, beverages and a souvenir for the kids. However, the Jacksonville Jaguars and their cheerleaders challenged this notion, making appearances on Jacksonville University’s campus selling tickets to their home games for the 2012-2013 NFL football season.

The Jaguars came to JU selling discounted tickets for $20 each to any JU students who could present a student id. Students were allowed to get two tickets per ID for each game.

It’s not every day that college students get the luxury of attending professional sporting events due to the cost and strenuous schedule they endure throughout their semesters. This opportunity provides some students with a much needed weekend escape on a tight budget.

“I’m so excited about the discounts on the games,” said Junior Brittani Wyskocil. “I’ve heard they are a lot of fun but have never been able to go because of the price. It’s great that they have the community in mind and don’t mind losing out on a few dollars to be able to give back.”

Many around campus are interested in the news that the Jags will be continuously selling tickets for the students until they run out. For many it will be their first time experiencing a professional football game and with the exposure to the students the Jags could earn a whole new fan base.