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Aries –Soon you are going to find yourself crossing paths with a Pisces who is ready to rumble. Try and be the bigger person and walk away. It will work out better if you do.
Taurus – It is time to burn the bridges that lead nowhere. Somehow, though, you’ve managed to build more bridges than Jacksonville. Reevaluate the people in your life.
Gemini – Rumor has it you’re doing something you shouldn’t be. You deny it, but you know it’s the truth. At least do a better job of covering your tracks if you are going to continue. Get it together.
Cancer – Yolo! You only live once? That’s great to hear. Over. And over. And over again. Enough. The way you use it gives it less substance than a Katy Perry song. Do everyone a favor and find a new motto.
Leo – If you see someone sitting alone, go over and sit with them. A new friendship will occur that is going to grow into something great.
Virgo – You and your significant other aren’t the only two left alive in the world, so stop acting like it. You’re going to lose your friends if you don’t start spending time with them. Find a balance and find it quick, or you two will end up together. . . alone.
Libra – With finals coming up soon your life is in shambles. It’s time for you to take a breath and relax for a moment. Recalculate what is most important with your class schedule.
Scorpio – Secrets are meant to be kept, but rules are meant to be broken. Everyone has a secret, and it’s only so long before it gets out. One of yours will be surfacing very soon unfortunately.
Sagittarius – Stop relying on others to do what you should do yourself. You are fully capable of doing things for yourself.
Capricorn – Make like the Titanic and split. Your current relationship is not going anywhere but down. Being single again is scary; the ocean is vast and the water is freezing, but don’t let go.
Aquarius – Love is in the air for you. Take it in. A special Taurus will be standing out from the crowd just for you.
Pisces– You are going to be in a foul mood and on edge, and when an Aries does something small it’s going to push you over. Letting out your frustration will be a positive endeavor for you.

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