Mayor Brown Recruits A.D. Verlander


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In recent years, Jacksonville University has seen more W’s in the books than it has for a long time. In fact, JU has won 37 conference titles during the past seven years, which is more than any other school in Florida.

A strong coaching staff and hardworking athletes have helped to repeatedly place Dolphins in the winner’s circle. However, the man behind it all was Athletic Director Alan Verlander. For the seven years under his leadership, JU has witnessed an incredible transformation in the athletic department; the Dolphins have won seven times the number of conference titles than they did in the seven years before Verlander showed up.

After much hard work and success, Verlander’s strides at JU were not overlooked; they caught the eye of Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown. A couple weeks ago, Brown offered Verlander the lucrative position of Executive Director of Sports and Entertainment for the city of Jacksonville, which he readily accepted.

“He did a great job as the AD here, bringing our sports programs to the successful point that we’re at,” said JU baseball player Zac Houck. “I’m excited to see what he does in the future.”

The city is counting on Verlander to duplicate his accomplishments at JU on a larger scale, spurring economic growth and boosting tourism in Jacksonville. Though sad to see him leave, JU President Kerry Romesburg expects nothing less than greatness from Verlander.

“When we hired Alan seven years ago, he brought a dynamic vision and leadership to our athletic department, transforming our programs and rebuilding the tradition of success that has defined JU athletics,” said JU President Kerry Romesburg. “I have no doubt this is going to pay off for Jacksonville.”

With his new title, Verlander will hold a significant position in Brown’s staff with the city. He will be responsible for bringing not only sporting events but also shows and concerts to the Jacksonville area. Verlander’s new duties will begin when he is officially appointed to his new position in May.

“This is a difficult decision for me as I’ve enjoyed every minute of my time at JU,” said Verlander. “We have a tremendous group of coaches, staff and student-athletes who have been critical to our success, and I feel certain that success will continue. JU is a special place, and I know that there are even brighter days ahead for all of our programs. I will always be a Dolphin and hope to continue to help elevate JU Athletics, but now just in a different role.”

It’s bittersweet as the driving force behind the athletics department presses on toward bigger and better things, but with JU’s athletes accustomed to winning, there’s no stopping them. In the years to come, JU coaches and athletes alike expect to push on and continue forging the path to victory.

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