Gamma Eta Week


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Photo Courtesy of Gamma Phi Eta

With a week full of events, the ladies of Gamma Eta were able to get their sorority’s name out into the Jacksonville University community, bring unity and diversity to the campus, and raise money for their philanthropy.

Gamma Eta was founded on Oct. 18, 1995 at the University of Florida. They are currently the only multicultural sorority at Jacksonville University and are also the only sorority to be founded in the state of Florida. The sorority colors are purple and teal, and the sunflower is their floral symbol. Gamma Eta stands for seven pillars which they try to live by: leadership, strength, diversity, unity, sisterhood, service and scholarship. They constantly hold events on campus to invite more females to join and also to make themselves known to the university community.

The idea for Gamma Eta Week was first thought of by junior Lindsay Tropnas. She is a marketing major and currently stands as the vice president and public relations chair of Gamma Eta. Tropnas initially brought forth her idea to the sorority’s president, Sigourney Miller, expressing her desire to unite the sorority with the campus and campus life. Some events had charges, but this was only because the proceeds were to go towards raising awareness of Cystic Fibrosis, one of the sororities philanthropist organizations.

The first event was Zumba which took place April 3 in the Kinne Center. Zumba is a fun workout system that combines Latin and international music.

The next event took place on April 4. It was an educational seminar held to inform mainly students about cystic fibrosis. The seminar focused on the symptoms of cystic fibrosis, where it comes from and how it should be treated once found. This disease is often overlooked as a rare and uncommon ailment, but it is quickly growing, and Gamma Eta wants to ensure that they have done their part in informing the campus.

Thursday’s event was Gamma Eta’s first fashion show. The aim of the fashion show was to express the diversity of the Gamma Eta sorority. The theme of the show was “Back in the day all organizations chose the 80s.” Participants were required to dress up in 80s clothing from whichever country they belonged to. The aim was to incorporate the different cultures through the clothing and to show to the campus that being unique is never a bad thing, as well as to set apart Gamma Eta from other sororities.

According to Vice President Lindsay Tropnas, this was one of the most successful events during the week.

“The turnout was a little over 50 people, and the participants included members of ISA, Phi Delta Theta and Tri Delta,” she said. “The crowd enjoyed the show because it was not only was it unique but also quite humorous.”

During the course of this week, there was a raffle that was held on campus. Again the proceeds were turned over to an organization that raises awareness of cystic fibrosis.

On Friday, a man hunt was held. This was a refreshing welcome to the weekend. Participants gathered into groups of about six people with approximately  six groups in total. The rules were simple: catch members of opposite groups, and by all means avoid getting caught.

The last event took place on a sunny Saturday afternoon; the turnout was very large, consisting of 60 people. The event was a NPHC barbeque; it was a relaxing mixer that came at the end of a long and tiring week. On the menu were hotdogs, burgers, chicken and lots of beverages to quench anyone’s thirst. There was also a DJ that provided a soothing ambiance with his diverse music choice.

The whole week was filled with different events that catered to the different tastes of students on campus. It was a unique experience that was a welcomed contrast to what can become monotonous campus life. In the future, we can expect to see many more of these multicultural events.

Without spilling all the details, there will be a back to school event in the fall and many more mixers with different organizations. This young sorority is not slowing down in making a memorable impression on the JU campus.

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