Dating: Not for the Faint Hearted or the Dirty Shoed


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The trials and tribulations of dating were hashed out amongst a small group of differently minded people on  March 27. The students, congregated in the Ross Theater, discussed topics such as the characteristics that allow you to let your guard down, the importance of a man’s size, and the best and worst way for a guy to approach you.

Every one there had at least one moment where they felt incited enough to speak up about their view. Some people had many moments. One particular question, whether size really matters, evoked a particularly widespread response. It started off on track; each girl steadfastly stated that she would not break up with a guy over a lacking penis.

One female audience member asserted that it’s performance over size. It was at this point, however, that the discussion quickly devolved into an issue about how much physical appearance really matters.

Ernest Fleming, a junior sports management major, made the broad sweeping generalization that it is easier for white guys to get dates.

He used the example of shoes to illustrate how much harder black guys have to try to get girls to go out with them.

“Why do black guys keep their shoes so clean? That’s why,” he said.

The sound of audience members’ confused mutterings seemed to indicate that they found this example somewhat unfounded.

After this moderately divergent tangent the conversation turned to what turns a lady off. Based on the discussion that ensued it would seem that tunnel vision on sex, unkempt appearance, malodorousness, stupidity and bad teeth will not get you far with a lady.

A ponderous attendee wondered aloud if love could overcome those terms. This idea was quickly squashed with a firm, “No, you gotta go to the dentist.”

The discussion proceeded to highlight how important it is that a guy is able to present his best face and talk to a girl in person. It followed with a vehement statement about how offensive it is when guys try to attract the attention of a female by making noises at her.

“When a guy goes and makes noise at me like no, I’m not an animal,” said sophomore Kristine Brown. “Don’t make noise at me; just come up to me and talk with me.”

The evening of discussion rounded off with humorous recountings of some of the best and worst ways that the girls present had been approached. One girl in particular regaled the crowd with a tale about how her friends and she walked across the street to CVS one night looking for some sundries at 10:30 p.m. A man approached them on a bike, pulled out some money and was in the middle of presenting it to them when they turned tail and ran back on to campus.

It was the perfect light hearted anecdote to round off the evening. Everyone parted in good spirits and went forth with new insight into the tumultuous world of dating.

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