A Well-Deserved Spring Break


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As the end of the school year draws near, hardworking and not so hardworking college students alike are rewarded with a reprieve from classes called spring break. During this short week with no classes or homework, students flood popular beach resort locations or head home to unwind.

According to a US News & World Report, the 12 best spring break destinations are all beaches. Although Jacksonville has its own beach close by, many Jacksonville University students travel to other parts of Florida or beyond.

Spring break is often a most welcome relief after suffering through months of cold weather, classes and exams. By the time warm weather rolls around, most college students have only one thing on their minds– spring break. What most students look for in a good spring break is affordability, accessibility to the beach, popularity and party mentality.

The 12 best beaches to go to, in order, are South Padre Island in Texas, Miami Beach in Fla., Cancun in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, Jamaica, Playa del Carmen in Mexico, Daytona Beach in Fla., Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic.

The general consensus for these as the top choices rests with their party atmosphere and cheap accommodations for the student on a budget. Although the stereotypical spring break consists of drinking, tanning and more drinking, it gets more expensive than many plan for, and so it is important to many students to choose a cheap location.

This is easy for many JU students, as they are Florida natives and call some of the world’s most popular beaches home. A trip to the beach is easy when your hometown is Fort Lauderdale or Miami.

“You know it’s a small world when you’ve only been in Daytona for 5 minutes and you find a group of JU students on the beach,” said junior Emma Allen.

In an unofficial poll, the top five popular spring break destinations for JU students were Miami, Daytona, Panama City, Orlando and West Palm Beach.

Freshman Rachel Kaslow went home to West Palm Beach for her first college spring break.

“This spring break was one of the best,” said Kaslow. “Bringing all my friends home to stay with me was so much fun, and my family adopted them into ours.”

“It was a lot of fun to spend a week with good friends and relax and have fun and not worry about school,” said freshman Hannah Feik, one of Kaslow’s guests.

Not far away from West Palm Beach is the city of Ft. Lauderdale. Sophomore Michael Voitek traveled down with some of his friends.

“It was fantastic,” Voitek said. “The weather was nice and the beaches were pristine. There was plenty to see in South Florida.”

Freshman Daniel O’Connor traveled to Panama City Beach with some of his fraternity brothers.

“It was full of memories,” O’Connor said.

Alex Bulgin also spent spring break in Panama City Beach.

“Spring break was awesome,” said Bulgin. “Like Drake says, you only live once.”

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