Spring Dance Concert

Misha Khan

Photo by Andrea Zadrozny

The audience quieted as the lights dimmed. The blue curtain was raised and a dancer in a flowing black skirt took the stage. The show had begun.

The Spring Dance Concert took place in the Swisher Theater Mar. 1, 2 and 3 at 7:30 p.m. The dancers performed six pieces to a packed audience that piled on the applause after each performance.

The first piece “How to Disappear Completely” was choreographed by Jacksonville University professors Cari Coble and Brain Palmer. For an opening number, it was the right choice. It gave the audience a preview of what the dancers had in store for them over the next couple of hours. A preview of an evening well-spent that is.

The dance styles ranged from ballet, contemporary and modern to even a hip-hop number appropriately titled, “Fireball.”

The hip hop number was¬†choreographed by Rosero McCoy. McCoy has a long list of credentials and has worked on several movies including “Alvin and the Chipmunks” and “Step Up.” With McCoy’s fast paced choreography and the dancers’ swag and energy, it came as no surprise that the routine received the most applause from the audience.

Other pieces included “Since I Saw You Last” choreographed by Raul “Ricky” Ruiz, “How to (Dis)Assemble a Ninjadoll”¬†choreographed¬†by Tiffany Fish, “Inside Out” by Lana Heylock, and the final one “A Curious Feeling of Falling” choreographed by Michael Foley.

The most difficult piece for the audience to grasp seemed to be “Ninjadoll.” Towards the middle of the performance, the “dolls” began to take off the costumes they had on top. However, the audience gasped and continued watching in silence still mesmerized by the dancers and their undeniable talent. It was during intermission when they begin asking questions to each other about what was going on.

One audience member sitting in the very back even said a profanity loud enough for everyone around to hear it.

Freshman Tanja Leiser did not seem to mind at all. She said she enjoyed the dance concert all the way.

“The dance concert offered great diversity in dance styles and thus delighted every single guest including myself,” she said.

The dancers were helped by more than just their dance professors. Costume designer Sabrina Chiang did a good job blending in different colors and styles while making the dancers look poised and beautiful while Katie Carr did a fantastic job as the lighting designer for the show.

The dance instructors did an amazing job on the choreography but the real praise goes to the dancers. All the dancers put their best foot forward and the audience appreciated it. From the beginning till the end, they displayed great enthusiasm, strength, talent and energy proving themselves to be true JU dance majors with bright futures ahead of them. Their movements were well-coordinated and on time.

As the show came to a close, several audience members got on their feet to express their delight and approval for the show. The final bow at the end of the show highlighted seniors from the class of 2012.