Horoscopes 2/22/12

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Pisces     February 19- March 20
As a water sign, you are generally adaptable to your surroundings and can flow with change as it occurs. However, if some of these changes don’t seem right at the moment, don’t be afraid to take a stand. There may be a reason why you are questioning them.

Aries     March 21- April 19
Feelings of restlessness seem to overcome you lately. Planning a getaway could be the perfect remedy, but think carefully when choosing a destination. Those who share the sign of Aries are thrill seekers who naturally thrive on adventure so think twice before booking a relaxing retreat.

Taurus     April 20- May 20
You’ve been very self-absorbed lately, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. While it’s important to always look out for yourself, you can still do so while keeping an eye on the ones around you. Be mindful; you are going to need a huge favor from one of them very soon.

Gemini     May 21- June 20
All of those little things that you have been neglecting to do are beginning to pile up, and it’s starting to take a toll on your mind. Take some time this week to tackle your seemingly endless to-do list before it ends up tackling you.

Cancer     June 21- July 22
This sign is known for being loving and sympathetic. Someone close to you is taking advantage of your compassionate nature. Stand up to them and remind them to not mistake your kindness for weakness.

Leo     July 23- August 22
Despite what some may tell you, there is nothing wrong with your desire to be the center of attention provided that you are not going about it in an obnoxious fashion. You’re a natural-born leader and shouldn’t have to dull your personality to give others the opportunity to shine.

Virgo     August 23- September 22
There’s something that’s been plaguing you for quite a while now, and you’re finally ready to address it. Whether it’s a relationship that ended on bad terms or a friendship that needs mending, it’s time to make things right. They’re just waiting for you to take the first step.

Libra     September 23- October 22
You often take it upon yourself to be the peacemaker in situations of conflict, but in some cases your help is neither needed nor wanted. Although your intentions are good, you need to let people sort out their contentions on their own and learn to mind your own business.

Scorpio     October 23- November 21
It may feel that lately your life has been all work and no play. Fortunately, it’s about to payoff. Reap the benefits as they come, enjoy the feeling of accomplishment, and revisit this moment in the future when you need motivation to reach your next goal.

Sagittarius     November 22- December 21
You need to learn that things cannot always be in your control. While it is normal to fear the unknown, you must also find a way to embrace it. Instead of being troubled by uncertainties, try to take advantage of the fact that you have a number of options that lie ahead of you.

Capricorn     December 22- January 19
Your social life is causing you to neglect some of your obligations. It’s normal to indulge in vices from time to time, but you seem to have forgotten how to do so in moderation. Get back on track before too much damage is done. You will thank yourself later.

Aquarius     January 20- February 18
They say that bad company corrupts good character, and unfortunately someone close to you has become a victim of this. It may seem difficult to have this person’s back at the moment, but be reminded that they are not being themselves and this is only a phase.