Professor Profile: Linda Shubert

Misha Khan

Photo courtesy of Linda Shubert

Nursing is one of the most sought after majors on the Jacksonville University campus, which means the department of nursing is growing day by day.

The department would not be a success without the continued efforts of its hard-working professors. Linda Shubert is a well-known face among nursing majors whose love for nursing and teaching has helped establish the careers of several JU students.

Shubert describes herself as a “North Carolina girl.” However, the mother of six has no complains with Florida weather. She received her Bachelor of Arts in speech pathology and audiology and later went on to pursue a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in nursing.

In an interview conducted via email, Shubert explained how she began her teaching career.

“I have always enjoyed teaching, whether students, patients or families,” she said. “I have taught at community college level, university level [and] private program prior to coming to JU.  The reputation of JU’s nursing program coupled with the proximity to my home led me to pursue a teaching opportunity here.”

She had originally begun her career in speech therapy and became interested in the field of nursing after working as a nursing assistant in college. The transition was a smooth one, especially since she has always been interested in the “helping professions,” but with every field in life come challenges.

For Shubert the most difficult part of the job is keeping current in the medical profession, but one of the easiest parts of her job is that it allows her to use her creativity. Her love for her profession is huge, but so is her love for JU. The people she works with make up a large reason of why she loves coming into work.

“The best part about teaching at JU?” Shubert said. “The students. I also am fortunate to work with a group of hard-working faculty/staff.”

Her students share a mutual liking for their professor. Patrick Regis, junior, is a nursing major who sees her as a vital part to the JU nursing school.

“She is an integral part of the nursing department,” he said. “She has taught all of us so much and is someone any student can turn to for help.”

In her spare time, Shubert enjoys cycling and strength training and even teaches a spin class at the JU Fitness Center. Some of her other interests include cooking, gardening, hiking and camping. She seems like a person who loves the outdoors but claims that if she was not a professor or a nurse she would open an herb and culinary store.

Linda Shubert is truly a dedicated professor who is an asset to the JU community, especially its nursing students. If there is one thing she expects in return from all her students, it’s professionalism.

“When students walk across the graduation stage, I expect them to represent JU and nursing by being competent, caring and professional,” Shubert said.