Dolphins at Disney’s EPCOT

Misha Khan

As part of the several adventure trips offered this semester by Student Life, students at Jacksonville University had a unique opportunity to visit Disney’s Epcot for $30. Students who went on the trip had the comfort of a coach bus that took them to Orlando and back.

Sophomore Alexis Crouch visited the park with her friends and seemed to have truly enjoyed it.

“We were able to stay there longer than when we went to the Magic Kingdom last spring,” she said. “It is really convenient that JU offers students these trips along with transportation. Epcot itself is like Disney for adults, so we all had a great time seeing all the attractions.”

Brothers Timothy and Thomas Radley said they both enjoyed the attractions in the park.

“Even if I had the money to afford the actual price of the ticket, I still wouldn’t have gone but someone provides you with transportation,” said Timothy Radley. “I loved that part about it, and also Epcot was a blast.”

Epcot is divided into Future World and the World Showcase. Future World is full of sensational attractions, including one of the fastest attractions in all Disney Parks as well as inspiring entertainment and shows, all of which focus on technological advancements, innovation and wonder. Beyond Future World, if entering from the main gate at Epcot, is the World Showcase area. World Showcase is a collective of pavilions that wrap around the World Showcase Lagoon. Inside the pavilions, shops, attractions and restaurants that represent the culture and cuisine of 11 different countries can be found.

“I was telling my parents how much I enjoyed the fact that the different attractions from around the world actually had people from that part of the world,” Thomas Radley said. “Or at least they looked like they were from over there. The people who were in the Japan section actually spoke Japanese and were able to answer questions we had for them about their culture and traditions.”

The attractions at Epcot range from one of the fastest Disney attractions to gentle boat rides, from a thrilling hang-gliding experience to interactive play areas that ignite kids’ imaginations.

The Epcot trip is one the several trips offered this semester and the Student Life offices encourages everyone to participate and attend these trips because they were created for their fun and convenience. Only 21 people signed up to go on the Epcot trip, and Student Life is hoping on seeing an increase in numbers in the future. Nevertheless, students who went had “a lot of fun,” as Crouch puts it.