Study Abroad Gets Trivia Night Right

Misha Khan

Photo by Brett Durda

Over 30 students are divided up into five groups. Each person paid close attention to the question being asked and then huddled around a small piece of paper and whispered to each other the correct response to it. Their was a wave of competition in the air as Jacksonville University’s Study Abroad office hosted a game of trivia for students to attend and learn something new about different countries around the world. The Trivia Night took place in the Oak Hall Multi-Purpose Room on Tuesday, Jan. 24 at 7 p.m.

Kelly Marton, director of the Study Abroad program, was quite pleased with the results and the turnout.

“I thought it was very successful,” she said. “It seems that there is a challenge here at JU getting attendance from students, so I was ecstatic to see 32 or more students. And they seemed like they were ecstatic to be there, so that made me happy too.”

According to Marton, the event was a way to promote study abroad and inform students about the various options they can choose from. They even offered five $1,000 scholarships for their semester abroad programs. Currently, the program offers semesters, summers, internships and spring break opportunities abroad in over 15 different countries, from Australia to Turkey.

As fun as Trivia Night was, Study Abroad does not have more events planned out in their calendars for the rest of the semester. However, they do have a Study Abroad Fair coming up in February, which will allow students to browse around and gather as much information they can and even speak to some of the professors who attend the trips with them to get a feel of what the whole experience will actually be like.

Junior Patrick Regis is a community advisor in Oak Hall who attended the event with some of his residents as a hall program. According to Regis, the game was fun for his residents as well.

“I thought it was a fun idea,” he said, “but I know it could have gone much better. Perhaps planning with Residential Life members so as to make it more organized.”

The Study Abroad department has also worked extensively with the International Student Association of JU and Marton hopes to see much more involvement in the coming future.

“I would love to see our groups coordinate more, you know, have ISA come talk to us about how we can better support [them] because I think international students and study abroad go very well together,” she said.

Marton estimated 150 students participate in study abroad every year. The numbers vary between their short-term programs, such as spring break, and their long-term programs, such as a semester abroad. She mentioned how much she would love to see the numbers get even higher.

Tuesday’s Trivia Night seemed to do pretty well, and students even let their competitive sides out for the game. Questions ranged from information in the study abroad pamphlets to general questions such as singer Adele’s home country and a city that lies on two different continents.

The Study Abroad office is located in Gooding 105 where students can drop by throughout the weekday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.