A Dynamic Change: 2012 Marching Band

Christina Kelso

Photo Illustration by Grace Singer

At the start of the fall 2012 semester, members of JU’s first ever full-scale marching band will take the field. Stepping into the limelight, the band will set out to invigorate JU athletic events with a proud, musical dimension entirely new to the school.

Although the stages are still early, anticipation is already rustling throughout campus.

“It’ll change the entire dynamic of whatever sport it goes to. We’ve seen it at other places. It is very difficult to explain the change in atmosphere. It is such a positive,” said Jim Nasella, director of media relations in the athletic department.

This marching band will broaden the university’s appeal within the community as well as on the athletic spectrum. It is expected, after it has a chance to get its feet on the ground, to become a prominent display of the university’s musical program.

Through this, the university intends to add an additional level of appeal for incoming college students, further encouraging them to select paths as future Dolphins.

“It will affect JU three-fold. A band helps with the atmosphere at athletic contests and on campus,” said Derek Hall, vice president for university relations and external affairs.

Within JU itself, the activity of a marching band will provide yet another active outlet for campus involvement.

“It will give more people an opportunity to perform for bigger audiences and gain valuable musical experience,” said freshman Zack Wing.

Incorporating music within athletic events promises to broaden the scale of the spectacles and further strike interest among students. In this manner, it can be expected to increase crowd attendance and enthusiasm within athletic events.

“It would boost moral on campus,” said sophomore April Morton, “A lot of the people here don’t get involved with outdoor sports.”

Still in the technical phases of its development, the marching band is in the process of actively recruiting for a full-time faculty band director while at the same time looking both internally and within local high schools for potential members.

Being an entirely new program for JU, the nature of it will require a noteworthy investment from the college. However, in the same right, the bands forthcoming debut provides a strong sense of creative freedom. The school will have to bring together an ensemble of instruments and uniforms to accompany the talent it brings together.

To bring this to life, the band will draw from funding set aside by administration for new programs designed to attract students to JU.

The 2012 marching band is an opportunity open for all students stemming from any major to audition for. Those who have the desire to be involved can request recruitment information by accessing www.ju.edu/marchingband.