Actress and comedian Charlyne Yi performs for students

“What’s the difference between a man and a dog? Nothing. They both crap on the carpet.”

This was one of a series of jokes that comedian Charlyne Yi used to entertain an audience of smiling students during her performance at Jacksonville University on Wednesday, Feb. 5 at 7p.m. in the Terry Concert Hall.

Over fifty students, faculty and staff watched Yi’s performance, a combination of comedy, singing, and film animations.

“I thought she was really funny,” said Michaela Wells, sophomore dance major.  “My favorite part was when she asked us if she could stay with us tonight.”

For a majority of the performance, Yi led the audience on to believe that she had given birth a week ago and was just kicked out by her husband. Later, she revealed she did not have either a husband or child.

Charlyne describes a typical day in her life as sleeping two hours, waking up, eating three bowls of cereal with peanut butter, drinking too much coffee, and then feeling sick the whole day.

“I try to get a job,” she said. “But I have no skills.”

“I really enjoyed the show,” said Marisa Battaglia, senior theatre arts major. “Her quirkiness made her feel relatable. It was easy to laugh at her jokes.”

This was Yi’s third performance at a college. As a movie and television actor, she can be seen in films such as “Knocked Up,” (2007) “Semi-Pro,”(2008) “Paper Heart,” (2009) and “This is 40” (2012) as well as the television series, “House M.D.” (2011-2012 seasons)

“My favorite place to perform,” Yi said, “…is in the garage in front of my little sister and her friends.”