Open Mic Night

Cha Thorpe

Photo courtesy of Scott Delvecchio

Dolphin Productions hosted an open mic night in Nellie’s on Nov. 14, having everything from magic tricks to original music from students on campus. It was a night filled with fun and talent.

At the starting time of 7 p.m. spotlights lit the stage, signaling students to tune in and play witness to their peers that braved the stage. The atmosphere for the evening was cool and relaxed as the first performer took to the mic.

Nellie’s was filled with an array of all different types of students drawn in by curiosity but remaining to support the performers. If a person wasn’t shy he or she could have stepped up and stepped out as the next performer took the stage.

Performing first with his band Hi Spartacus, junior Jay Angel thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

“For my first musical performance I think it went over pretty well,” he said. “I wasn’t booed off stage.”

One performer had the crowd going as he performed his rendition of two hip-hop favorites, “What’s Your Fantasy” and “Country Grammar,” on his acoustic guitar. The audience sang along and enjoyed his remixes.

“I had a blast. I really enjoyed all of the performances, and I think this is a great campus activity for students to have an outlet to express ourselves and showcase our talent,” said junior Kristine Brown.

Another crowd pleaser was sophomoreShane Kennedy, or “Insane Shane” as he’s called on campus. He used his hands to perform trickery such as card tricks and optical illusions for the audience and was also skilled and confident enough to have an assistant and volunteer.

“I think it went fairly well,” said Kennedy. “Not one of my bests, though. I made a poor choice regarding the tricksI chose. The ones I did were more for up close rather than a stage layout. I felt like the tricks were hard to see from the audience, but the rower’s were there, and they made it fun, and I always feel confident when they’re around. The tricks I did worked, and the crowd semmed to like me. So overall, I’d call it a success.”

The night concluded with a personal collection of songs from a performer and his guitar. He set the tone for the completion of a successful event.

Open Mic Night was an overall success with a great turn out and even greater display of talent. The night was brimming with memorable moments, but above all was the fellowship and support among students – just good clean fun.