JU Intramurals Kick-off

George Wahl II

JU’s intramurals finally got underway this past weekend after a two month long wait.

Intramurals, which usually start early to mid September have been sidelined until now. Each sport, which is usually a couple of weeks long has been diminished to just a few short days of activity.

Volleyball, which is the first sport, is usually played pool side so that after the games teams have the option to take a refreshing dip in the JU pool. This year, come volleyball season the pool is cold, closed and the weather is brisk. Eliminating the pool retreat for post-game relaxation.

After Volleyball comes football which is typically around an 8 game season followed by playoffs. This year football is a 1 or 2 game season followed by playoffs. Perhaps the biggest change is that instead of being played at nights during the week under the lights, it is being played during the day on weekends due to the lengthy construction on what once was the intramural field.

All that we can now hope for is that come spring semester, our intramural department comes back looking to make up for this rough start. Spring semester begins with soccer and concludes with softball so hopefully they will both turn out good for the people of JU.

For now, look for football to be taking place down on the Dolphin Green for the next few weekends. Be sure to head out and support your favorite group or organization and look for registration forms come spring time for soccer and softball.