Jacksonville is Fairly Fun

Nora Shychuk

Photo courtesy of JU Alumni Association

The 2011 Greater Jacksonville Fair was in town from Nov. 2-13, giving ample amounts of time to stop by and enjoy. Aiming to showcase the achievements of Jacksonville, the fair focused on agriculture, business and industry, education, learning, and creativity…important components that make Jacksonville one of a kind.

Rides, food, concerts, games and contests were in plenty. Sponsored by Budweiser, Belle City Amusements Inc., Florida Lottery, Sysco, Florida Farm Bureau and 99.9 Gator Country, it is safe to say the Jacksonville Fair was filled with quality entertainment.

Ceteria Mosely, a sophomore at Jacksonville University, was impressed with the affair.

“It’s great, there is so much to do and so much to see,” she said. “It really makes you appreciate Jacksonville and what it has to offer.”

There were also free barn tours to children at the event, as well as performances by Little Big Town, Josh Kelley, local dance schools, a magician and many others. There was a honey exhibit from the National Beekeepers Association, a quilt contest, “Art Inside”, an exhibit in which art and literature made by incarcerated youth was displayed,  a Woodturners contest and show and lots of animal shows such as: pigs, cows and horses. There was truly something for everyone, no matter what may interest one.

Of course, the Ferris wheel stood tall over the fairgrounds, visible from even miles away. Popcorn, cotton candy, hot dogs, sausages, hamburgers, french fries, desserts and basically every food imaginable were available to munch on in between stints on the merry-go-round and the Sea Dragon.

“This fair is something different. It’s not like going to the mall or going to see a movie,” said Mosely. “It’s a celebration with great food, entertainment, and rides I haven’t been on since I was little. It’s just a nice way to spend a whole day.”

Residents of Jacksonville should be proud that a fair like this exists, wholly committed to celebrating this area while simultaneously supplying people with hundreds of fun-filled activities to do while celebrating.

“I can’t wait until it’s back next year,” said Mosely. “It is an every year thing, right?”