Movie Review: Tower Heist

Misha Khan

The slogan for the new crime comedy movie Tower Heist promises ordinary guys conducting an extraordinary robbery and the movie delivers just that.

The movie stars Ben Stiller as a building manager of a high-end apartment building called The Tower. When the entire staff falls victim to a Ponzi scheme, Stiller’s character brings together an odd group of people to get back at the manipulative multi-millionaire Arthur Shaw.

Tower Heist does not offer the most believable plot and for some reason seems to be revolving around a chess move that does not make much sense. The plan Stiller and his extremely nervous group of accomplices devise can be described in one word, wacky. No robbery ever goes according to plan and what I enjoyed throughout the movie were all the twists and turns that the characters had to fight through.

Perhaps screenwriters Ted Griffin and Jeff Nathanson were thinking from the perspective of an ordinary man, not a genius when writing down exactly how the robbery would go down. The credit here goes to the actors, all of whom did an amazing job with their individual parts and made it seem partially realistic.

Eddie Murphy does exactly what he is good at, acting and making his audience laugh. It will come as no surprise though that six-time Emmy winner and former MASH star, Alan Alda, was the most impressive with his acting. Alda portrayed his character with the utmost condescension. He literally becomes the villainous New York businessman mad about his money and willing to do anything to protect it. Ben Stiller fits perfectly into the good caring guy persona he has played before, in case you remember Night at the Museum.

Director Brett Ratner, from the “Rush Hour” trilogy, is no stranger to coordinating frenetic exploits. He stages a doozy involving a vintage Ferrari, an elevator shaft and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, complete with its giant inflatable Snoopy and Shrek.

The movie relates to real-life situations of several New Yorkers though who have lost their finances and property at the hands of Wall Street businessmen. The timing of the movie seemed right especially with the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Overall, Tower Heist does what a comedy is supposed to do, entertain and make you laugh and at certain times keeps you on the edge of your seat. If you are looking for a relaxed time with friends then Tower Heist is good pick. If you have too high of an expectation though, I would pop in next door to Puss In Boots.