Sociology Club hosts Professor Panel

Bryan Jones

Photo by Grace Singer

A healthy percentage of students who graduate from Jacksonville University move on to attend a graduate school or professional institution.  According to the U.S Census Bureau those who do will make more money than those who only have an undergraduate degree.

On Nov. 7 the Sociology Club held a professor panel, with the goal of getting people’s questions about graduate school answered.

“It was very informative,” senior Matthew Ernsting said. “I learned a lot about what I need to do to get into grad school.”

The president of the club, senior Cera Lopez, said that the primary goal of the event was to get students of any major to come out and have their questions answered.

“It was primarily juniors and seniors,” said Lopez “with about 25 percent sophomores, and one or two freshmen.”

Seniors benefitted from the event as they are preparing for their transition into grad school.

“I liked to hear about their experiences and unique situations. They had great advice about the GRE (the graduate school entrance exam), grad school professors and timing for issues dealing with grad school,” said senior Kylie Romero. “It was good to hear advice from the people you aspire to be.”

The members of the panel came from most areas of the social sciences, except for communications and geography.

“I wish that we could have had another social science or humanities professor,” said Lopez. “We also contacted the [Career Development Center].

The professors who were on panel for the event were Dr. Jackson, Dr. Downs, Dr. Freiberger, and Dr. Macisaac.

“The professors were really knowledgeable,” said Lopez. “There were no crickets. People other than the club members were asking questions.”

The theme of the event was “To Graduation and Beyond” and featured characters from the popular movie series “Toy Story.”

“We figured it was a good idea to connect with people,” said Lopez.

There are 15 members of the sociology club. The next meeting is the 15 of Nov. at 2:30 p.m. in Gooding 102. One of their goals is to have more events like the professor panel.

“The event really helped me figure out what my options are for life after college,” said junior Angelica Novo.

Students felt the need for the panel. It was considered beneficial to all students who attended the event.

“I thought it was very informative and helpful as a resource to hear from other professors about life after being an undergrad,” said sophomore Madeline Varner. “I think it helped to open my eyes to what people with other majors have to do to find jobs.”