Revving up the Rhythm

Christina Kelso

Photo courtesy of Jacob Shuman

Setting the tempo for the days to come, Jacksonville University’s homecoming week kicked off Monday, Oct. 17 with the riverfront illuminated to host a steel drum band. The melodic resonance of the drums created an atmosphere of relaxation throughout the night.

Keeping in tune with this beat, students mingled, chattered, laughed and sipped smoothies alongside the water’s edge. The event was designed to appeal to the student body in a variety of ways, which were exemplified by the students who attended.

“My favorite part is the steel drum band. I love that it is live music,” said junior Jacob Schuman, listening to the sounds of the band and documenting the event with his camera.

Offering another opinion of the festivities, Joshua Keyes kept it short and sweet.

“It’s all about the smoothies,” he simply said.

About half way through the event, sophomore Ricky Banach grasped the attention of the crowd in a blazing instant. Although he was not an official part of the event, Banach became a crowd favorite by bringing his conspicuous hobby into the spotlight. Standing on the outskirts of the group, he lit up the night with the art and spectacle of fire breathing.

“I was taking a break from glass blowing and I decided to come out here and blow fire,” said Banach

This spontaneous gesture, greeted with animated applause, blended perfectly into the upbeat cadence of the evening.

“The fire breather was amazing, off the chain and legit.” said freshmen Serena Sommerfield.

The festive energy kept up the pace throughout the night as a multitude of students arrived and left the riverfront celebration.  Arriving on promises of smoothies and music, they left without disappointment, invigorated for the days to come.