Dunk In To Your Dolphin Network

Nora Shychuk

Photo courtesy of Jairid Pacileo

Anyone entering the Kinne Banquet Center this past Friday without a suit and tie would have felt very out of place. The “Dunk in to your Dolphin Network” professional networking event encouraged students  to make connections with alumni and professionals who know what to expect when searching for a job or career.

“Coming to something like this helps you not only make connections, but to also practice your interviewing skills so you’re not a deer in headlights,” said senior Milton Darby. “I’m here for the business group, and it’s just a great way to be recognized by employers.”

The event took place in the Kinne Center on Friday from 12p.m. to 1 p.m.

Many different “schools” were represented at Dunk into your Dolphin Network. Science, Freelance/Entrepreneurship, Uncertain at Graduation and Graduate School were just some of the fields in the Kinne Center. All of these departments were open to questions and made a point to help prepare students for the future.

Steven Montesinos, a licensed mental health counselor and Career Development Center employee, elaborated on how useful this special occasion was. He represented the Graduate School table.

“Anyone considering graduate school can benefit from this,” said Montesinos. “There are different steps you have to take, which can be very overwhelming, so it helps to talk to experienced people who have been through the stress. Networking is the top help in achieving your professional dreams. It really opens up new doors. The experience is invaluable and it enables you to gain a lot of knowledge.”

An event like this is one of the first steps students can take to further their hopes, dreams and ambitions. Being able to talk to successful professionals right at your school is something that is not offered every day.

“Sure, networking is a major part of this, but it brings alumni, students and employers together,” said Devon Coughlin, the career development center director. “Each school is organized by special interest and you can really mingle with others in your field while learning more about your own career path. It helps you take the steps to be successful.”

Everyone has aspirations. Sometimes it is easy to feel pressured and stressed about the future, but such an event helps to put things into perspective. By speaking to specialized and highly qualified individuals, undergraduates gain a sense of peace and confidence to get out there and accomplish all we wish to accomplish.

Dunk into your Dolphin Network was sponsored by the Career Development Center and cosponsored with Alumni Relations.