School Spirit At Its Finest

Cha Thorpe

Photo courtesy of Brett Durda

A good, old-fashioned pep rally was held at the riverfront as Jacksonville University continued with tradition on Thursday Oct. 20. The event was filled with fun and anticipation for the main event on Saturday, JU’s homecoming football game.

The pep rally was everything it was supposed to be: loud, crowded, pumped up and fun. It was a sea of green, gold and white there to support JU’s football team and show their school spirit.

The festivities included music, fun and entertainment for students and returning alumni. Performances for the evening included Greek organizations such as the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, as well as other Greek organizations, the JU dance team and even faculty got into the fun challenging the dance team to a dance off, all in the spirit of homecoming.

The MC for the evening, VonHayes Switzer, kept everyone enthused with his quick and quirky comedy and one-liners as the night went on. He made sure to inform everyone in attendance about the rest of JU’s homecoming events roster and announced finalist for Big Man on Campus and Miss Dolphina.

“The pep rally was a surprisingly good addition to the homecoming events. I really enjoyed myself,” said senior Rachel Moore.

JU’s victorious football team took to the stage later in the evening to encourage everyone to attend Saturday’s game, as they would be taking on Davidson College to bring in a homecoming win.

“I was really happy to see all the different organizations come out, PanHellenic Council as well as IFC, and show school spirit; that’s what JU needs. It shows unity with the students on campus, support of faculty and it always shows how even after graduated students have gone on into the real world they still find their way back to their alma mater, back home to JU,” said senior Shakira Ballantyne.

Whether you were a student, faculty member or returning alumni in attendance at JU’s homecoming pep rally you couldn’t resist catching the spirit it was in the air.