Scholarship week at JU

Meeting students where they are.


Ariel Merryweather

In the Davis Student Commons came from January 27th-31st to apply for scolarships.

Jacksonville University’s third annual Scholarship Week began on Jan. 27 in the Davis Student Commons.

Scholarship week was designed to meet students where they are with regards to financial aid. They bring the financial aid to you, according to Davina Hamilton, assistant director of Student Solutions at JU.

“It’s our way of trying to make filling out scholarships more easy and accessible,” Hamilton said. “We bring everything you could possibly need to fill out the scholarship application to you.”

Each student goes through the same process to apply for scholarships. They may be used for school related finances or received in the form of a refund check. The process requires the student to fill out a seven-page application and answer an essay question.

Moderators are present in order to assist with any questions that a student may have during the process. Scholarship week is launched only during the spring semester of every academic year.

“We only do it in the spring because the scholarships are applied in the fall,” Hamilton said.