SSS Answers S.O.S

Cha Thorpe

Trio Student Support Services provide academic assistance to freshmen, sophomores and juniors on JU’s campus. Alongside academics, Trio also provides students with structure and guidance in the everyday struggles of college life.

Authorized by the 1968 Higher Education Act and supported by funds of the United States Department of Education, Trio SSS is a valuable safe haven for students. The program has officially launched Spring 2011 for JU students.

Student eligibility derives from a variety of factors that would qualify them in regards to assistance. Once qualified students are assessed and an academic blueprint is designed for each student unique to identify each specific need. Students are attended to on an individual basis on a personal level to best suit their needs.

In Fall of 2010 there were 330 students eligible to part take in the program based on the fall census report conducted by JU, 44 first time freshmen participated and out of those participants 65 percent of the 44 students returned to JU in fall of 2011.

Trio SSS was created to not be central only to academia but also to help students advance in every aspect of life and create brighter possibilities for the future to come. Initial highlights of the program include but are not limited to intensive tutoring and mentoring, leadership opportunities, student engagement and grant monetary aid.

Trio SSS is designed to assist students but is not a crutch. It is each student’s individual responsibility to follow through with his or her own academic layout to ensure success. The program is specifically for students that acknowledge a desire for help in areas where they feel less comfortable as well as ailments that are beyond their control.

Overall retention and graduation rates increase when student involvement in any kind of SSS program becomes available to college undergraduates. Trio SSS is striving to do just that on JU’s campus with encouraged involvement.

Academic Specialist Juwan Watson represents Trio SSS at JU and provides guidance to students on a daily basis on how to overcome moments when they feel overwhelmed. Mr. Watson’s office door is always open to students in need of additional support.

The overall mission of Trio SSS is to increase and improve the quality of education on a federally supported level, providing assistance when all other resources have been exhausted or are not an option.

Though the program is still in blossoming stages for JU involvement, Trio SSS is committed to not only growing in numbers but to the quality of help they can provide personally to each student so that they may flourish in the program as well as all other walks of life.