Pordeli’s Economics

Misha Khan

Photo courtesy of Jacksonville University

Since 1983, Dr. Hassan Pordeli has been a faculty member at Jacksonville University and has remained one of the most knowledgeable and sought after professors on the JU campus.

Dr. Pordeli is a Hugh F. Culverhouse Professor of Economics and Finance at Jacksonville University’s Davis College of Business where he also served as the dean from June 1995 to June 1996. Pordeli completed his undergraduate studies in his native Iran, graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in industrial management from the University of Ghazali, Iran. He completed his M.A. and Ph.D. in economics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

His interest in economics grew at first by wanting to become more like his older brother, whom he calls his inspiration.

“My older brother was an economist and a very good one,” said Pordeli. “He was an incredible person and actually he influenced me to find a passion for economics. And I was very determined from an early age that this was exactly what I want to do.”

It seems though that Pordeli had a strong passion for the subject as well. He has served as president for the Economic Roundtable of Jacksonville and is currently a member of the National Association for Business Economics (NABE) chapter. They recently welcomed Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown at a luncheon meeting at the Davis College of Business.

Since he began teaching, Pordeli has earned numerous awards; among them are the 20 Outstanding Young Men of America award in 1985 as well the City of Jacksonville Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Community and Citizens of Jacksonville. He also served on the Mayor’s Economic Development Council in the past.

For Pordeli, economics is more than just a subject. He imparts knowledge every day in class. In his opinion, economics itself can get pretty complicated, and he tries his best to simplify it for his students so they can fully grasp the important concepts. Pordeli wishes in many ways to be more than just an educator.

“I want to motivate them, especially at the undergraduate level because motivation is a challenge not just for me but for all professors in any field,” Pordeli said. “Also, I like students to participate in activities outside of the classroom so they get a better understanding of the material.”

Pordeli encourages field trips in his class. He has taken his students to the Jacksonville Port to give them a better idea of how international trade works and affects them along with trips to the Federal Reserve Bank of Jacksonville.

“I want my students to be structured, organized and take their job seriously,” Pordeli said. “Therefore, from day one I emphasize the series of things that can help them become successful.”

And just like any other professor Pordeli is always excited to see his students achieving their goals and moving forward in life. His passion and dedication for his profession is what makes him such a great teacher and a valuable asset to the JU community.

His advice for his students is plain and simple, “Be present, be prepared, and work hard.”