JU Top 50

Nora Shychuk

For the eighth year in a row Jacksonville University has placed within the top 50 in U.S. News and & World Report’s “America’s Best Colleges 2011” list.  This list is for southern regional universities and JU placed 46.

The small class sizes, involved professors and great academics make it easy to see why JU earned a spot.

“There is a definite sense of community here,” said junior Cassie MacLellan. “It’s nice to see so many familiar faces every day, and I like how the professors know all of the students on a first name basis. I would hate to be in a class with 300 other students.”

While Jacksonville University is a smaller university with only 3,500 students, it still offers over 70 majors. Most notably the university has excellent programs in aviation, nursing, and business. JU also offers degrees in mathematics, art of all kinds, marine science, and education.

The U.S. News & World Report gathers the rankings by using impartial measures of academic quality provided by schools and assessments made by leaders at peer colleges and universities. The categories include student/faculty ratio, graduation rate, class size, percentage of full-time faculty, student selectivity, average SAT/ACT scores, percentage of highly ranked freshmen and the giving rate of alumni.

JU prides itself on commendable academics, athletics and a plethora of clubs and organizations.

“There are so many extra things to do around JU,” said junior Erin Sullivan. “It just makes the value and experience of our education here so much better. We’re learning outside of the classroom too, which helps us become much more well-rounded.”

There are larger and better-known colleges and universities in the region, but it is clear that JU has a way of standing out in spite of them. JU offers a quality education and a memorable experience in general.