Fashion Fill

Cha Thorpe

It seems safe to say many of the trends we saw and lived by summer of 2011 will be continuing statements for this fall season of fashion and it’s all written in the print: geometric, abstract and tribal. If being on top of your fashion game is your motive, this fall season will prove to push more boundaries than in the past. What will be more than acceptable for the season fall attire and fabulous finds will be alter egos and split personalities of fashion: urban by day and haute couture by night, athletic chic on Monday and Tuesday preppy and polished. Sweatpants paired with 6 inch curved architecture high heel pumps or a sheer neon fuchsia lace blouse and cuffed boyfriend jeans, faded, torn and a perfect fit to the seasons effortless look for the seasons perfect motto: thoughtless yet thoughtful fall fashion and style for 2011.

Besides the top trends and the real life runway look book for the season, we’ve been presented with gifts from the fashion god. For our finances (not that’s stopped some of us before, if there’d ever been a dollar sign dilemma) but Missoni has designed a line for Target, trendy and affordable for the frugal and economically conscience fashionista. Finally, celebrity stylist June Ambrose will grace our small screens with her very own reality show that is a go and designated to air on VH1. The official program debut is still to be announced. Last but certainly not least the long awaited launch of Ebay designer web outlet, carrying favorite mainstream designer pieces 20-65% discounted.  This fall fashion season seems to be more than promising but in fact promised to have a statement for everyone from head to toe.