JUSA New Members

George Wahl II

Photo courtesy of Alejandro Nunez

If you want your voice heard and ideas implemented, then the Jacksonville University Student Alliance is your calling. JUSA is currently looking for new members.

There are an abundance of positions open for the Fall 2011 semester. Those positions will be up for election this spring. As of now the open positions are as follows: NPHC (National Panhellenic), graduate, fine arts, north campus, commuter, athlete, south campus, freshman reps, and newly added ROTC.

JUSA is the voice of the student body that governs any complaints, concerns and issues regarding the student population and administration.

Responsibilities of a JUSA member are simple and very manageable. All they ask is that you attend all meetings. If you are a delegate you are obligated to seek out all concerns and information for your respective position. If you are a liaison you have to speak directly with each administrative head to relay thoughts and concerns in any attempt to better the university.

The executive board is the highest representation is JUSA. It consists of the president, vice president and secretary. They are in charge of running meetings, voting, events and inviting speakers or guests. Additional executive meetings are held when needed.

JUSA meetings are usually held Thursdays at 6 p.m. in the Davis Student Commons room A located on the main floor of the commons. Even if JUSA isn’t your thing, you’re encouraged to attend. All members of the student body, JUSA or not, are welcomed at the meetings.

To be eligible for a JUSA position there are a few requirements. You must be a full time student (12 credit hours) and have a minimum GPA of a 2.0. If you meet these requirements you may then run in the category that you are eligible for.

To run for an executive position there are a few more requirements. Your GPA must be a minimum of a 2.5. You must be on JUSA for one year to be eligible for president or vice president. All executive positions are nomination only. Nominations are made by JUSA members and voted on by the students.

In addition to the credit hour and GPA requirements, you must also be in good standing with the university. You may not be on academic nor disciplinary probation.

Some of the things JUSA has done for JU recently are grade replacement, small and large handbooks, more bike racks campus wide, and the eventual renovation to the basketball courts located in the valley. JUSA also fought and won against the group that was attempting to make JU a tobacco free campus.

For any one new to the campus, JUSA hasn’t always been JUSA. Formerly the Student Government Alliance, they were disbanded for focusing too much on internal affairs. JUSA was then assembled in 2007 to focus on student concerns and to give their students their own voice. In JUSA’s short but prominent existence, they’ve done just that.

Current JUSA president Zachary Shacter has a list of very simple expectations for his members. He asks for constant attendance, performance of duties to the fullest extent, to be in touch with your group to accurately understand their views and needs, and to be actively aware of all concerns.

Elections are to be held October 3rd and 4th. The week prior to voting will be a campaigning week for all candidates. Elections are for all open positions and any position that may become vacant between now and the time of voting.

Being a member of JUSA is more than being a member of a student government group. Students have a voice. Members provide students with a way of getting their ideas heard. Without JUSA, JU is just another university. JUSA makes JU a more student-friendly and student-oriented university.