Fine Arts, Indeed!

Nora Shychuk

Terry Concert Hall was alive with music on Friday, September 9. The “Music Faculty Showcase”, in which the staff at Jacksonville University performed for students, alumni and others, was an incredibly enjoyable and diversified show. Students attending this university should rest assured that they are truly learning from the best.

The performance started promptly at 7:30p.m. and the performers immediately jumped into the lovely songs. Some were classic and recognizable, like the gorgeous renditions of both Beethoven and Chopin. Also, more modern songs were also played, like Scheer’s “Say Anything,” sung beautifully by Bobb Robinson paired with the mastered piano talent of Stephen Fennell.

The mixtures of classic and contemporary music greatly heightened the experience, making it more well rounded. From the beginning, the music transported the audience and it was clear how impressed the audience was.

Bob and Thelma Nied, Friends of the Fine Arts contributors, have been coming to Jacksonville University for years and continuously support our programs.

“I had to wipe my eyes after some performances,” said Mr. Nied. “It was beautiful.”

Each piece offered variety and different styles for everyone. “Xylophonia”, the first song, was upbeat, fun, and energetic. Edith Moore-Hubert on piano and Tony Steve on the xylophone were nothing short of brilliant. The applause surely evidenced that.

Another great example was the song “Warning!”. Sung both animatedly and flawlessly by Brittnee Seimon, one of our new additions to the faculty, this piece the audience laughing. It was a silly and cute song, but certainly showcased the talent and flair that we have here.

Greg Taylor offered a different feel for the night’s show. His piece, “Scarbo”, was much darker and ominous. His piano playing was not only beautiful, but played with such passion that it created the suspense and sadness that the song represents.

“Hypnosis,” a more modern song, was also performed on Friday. It offered an extremely fluid, clear, and dream-like sound, this thanks to Laura Dwyer’s superb flute skills.

Leanna Brown, a sophomore music theatre major, appreciated the show and the faculty.

“It was fabulous. We see these professors in a day to day, educational setting. It’s fun to see them as performers because we tend to forget they’re people, too.”

Marguerite Richardson (violin), Shannon Lockwood (cello), Scott Watkins (piano), Kimberly Beasley (soprano), and Robert Tudor (baritone), were the other contributing members of the faculty showcase. Each of these fine educators and hugely talented musicians offered more expertise and truly exquisite talent to the program.

The performance was an absolute treat. The Fine Arts are sometimes overlooked, but this showcase was a shining example of how brilliant the arts are and just how necessary they are in any setting, educational or aesthetic.