Jobs After Graduation

Bryan Jones

There is very little time left before Jacksonville University says goodbye to its most recent class of seniors. There will be tears, laughs, and sad farewells at graduation, but what most seniors are probably most worried about is what will come after.

While we are officially out of the recession, the job market is still in fairly bad shape.

Trying to support yourself can be a terrifying prospect. Here are several tips for finding your dream job.

1.     Don’t be afraid to take internships. Yes, you may have to work for free for a bit, but as long as you don’t plan on having children you will be the only person you have to support. Don’t miss out on a possible job in your field of study because you weren’t willing to put the time in.

2.     Always dress professionally. It may seem obvious to most people, but employers pay significant detail to how clean the person they are hiring is. It pays to be fresh.

3.     Avoid employment Web sites as your primary search tool. While you may get lucky and they will land you a job, you are more likely to get frustrated with sorting through the junk and spam that now clog the sites. Instead, take the time to visit the company and introduce yourself. People like to put a name to a face. Even if they aren’t hiring, ask them to keep your resume on file. They will be much more likely to look you up the next time they have an opening.

4.     Treat your job search as if it IS your job. If you can take the time to job search for a full 9 to 5 day with a busy schedule, you will have a significantly higher chance of finding a job opening.

5.     Remember to utilize your resources. JU has plenty of tools to help alumni find employment. The Career Development Center has some upcoming job recruiting events that will be taking place on campus.

AXA Advisors
Wednesday, April 13th, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Table recruiting in Davis College of Business

Bank of England Recruiting Day,
Tuesday, April 12th, 10 a.m. -3 p.m.
Submit your resume to the Career Development Center at [email protected]
for consideration no later than Thursday, April 7 at 5pm.

Enterprise Holdings
Wednesday, April 13th
On campus interviewing for Management Training Program:
Apply on the College Central Network (Job ID: 2209131)
for consideration or submit your resume to the CDC [email protected]

Contact the Career Development Center at 904-256-7054 for questions.

6.     Spend time making sure your resume presents you in the best possible light. It should contain every important skill you have. You never know what extra talents employers might appreciate. But make sure what you put on there makes sense. They do not need to know you were the captain of your intramural football team in college.

7.     Be prepared to accept a not-so-great job at first. A good job will be hard to find, and you may have to put up with a less than ideal position at first.

8.     Be knowledgeable about the job you are interviewing for. Nothing looks worse than being unprepared to answer questions about the position.

9.     Use your contacts. Ask all your friends if they know of any jobs. Most people get jobs through social networking. Go to a job fair and make more contacts if yours dry up.

10.  Most importantly, stay positive. Just because you weren’t hired doesn’t mean you weren’t qualified. It’s impossible to know exactly why employers chose one candidate over another. For all you know you lost out to the boss’s son. Keep in mind: eventually you will be the best person for the job.