Thrills And Pills: Limitless Movie Review

Misha Khan

The saying goes, “a person can only use around twenty percent of their brain.” If this is indeed the case, then what if someone was able to use all of his or her brainpower? Would they become successful or crash and fail? Well, you can explore all the possibilities in director Neil Burger’s latest techno-thriller “Limitless.”

Bradley Cooper plays aspiring author Eddie Morra who is suffering from a serious case of writer’s block. He was recently dumped by his girlfriend Lindy (Abbie Cornish) and resorts to drinking during all hours of the day to make the time pass quicker. His ex-brother-in-law then introduces him to NZT, a drug that sparks up all the synapses in the brain making a person intelligent, focused and on the fast track to success. Morra finds himself with a large amount of money in a short amount of time and is soon employed by powerful New York businessman Carl Van Loon (Robert DeNiro) who needs an important contract signed. There is a downside for Morra however, for every pill has its side effects.

Limitless” is a new type of thriller. It takes you far into the fantasy world of what-ifs and keeps you guessing at the edge of your seat. It is a film that offers thrills and twists around every corner. The overall story line may be a little weak but watching the movie itself will keep you interested till the very end.  The pill lasts only a few hours, but addiction causes grotesque side effects. Burger cleverly uses the movie to question what if a person suddenly became intelligent to his full capacity. Cooper’s eccentric character responds with a simple ‘make myself rich.’

The movie even begins with a sketchy scene that has the audience wondering until the very end. However, some loose ends were evident. At the end of the movie try not bothering yourself with questions of why and how the pill actually works. There is little indication that Leslie Dixon gave it much thought when penning the screenplay. All the audience knows is that it works; it’s a sort of magic pill. The acting was decent, and as always DeNiro is a delight added to the cast of the movie.

The movie runs around an hour and forty-five minutes and that really is how long a person can hold on to complete fantasy tale that leaves people feeling smarter in their seats. The special effects weren’t completely distracting, but rather woven into the right scenes. As the movie closes in on the climax, it has the entire audience shrieking in disbelief and horror proving itself a proper thriller.

Limitlessis fresh in the sense that it turns a person’s intelligence into his superpower and curse at the same time. The movie will probably not gross as high as expected but all in all is a good watch. It is flashy, flawed and highly entertaining. As absurd as the plot may seem, the movie holds all the answers, except anything about the pill, to the very end when it signs off with another big question mark.

With movies like “Limitless” all that really matters is that people leave entertained and get their money’s worth.