Need Service Hours?

Misha Khan

In many high schools, university, and colleges, community service hours are a must and students here are Jacksonville University need 50 community service hours in order to graduate. The student- learning center at JU tries its best to “encourage students to more responsible and active citizens.”

Located in Gooding 203, the service-learning center is led by Dr. Laura Chambers, its director, who is assisted by Lauren Zuzolo and Thamecia Bullard. In order to obtain the required number of service hours, students need to help out an organization off campus, which Dr. Chambers explains is due to JU being considered sort of a home for the students.

“If there are service activities that physically take place here that are to support a community partner or non-profit, then we can do that,” she said. “For instance we have the St. John’s River Keeper on campus which can help towards your hours.”

Students can easily find out how many service hours they have by clicking on “JU 401” located on their respective Web Advisor accounts. There is a liability form that needs to be filled out and all the necessary paperwork must be submitted within three months of completing the service project. Service-learning hours can easily be earned abroad either via the Study Abroad programs at JU or any other country as long as the proper forms are turned in properly translated into English.

Students transferring into JU can have some service hours taken off. A junior transferring in with 58-69 credits will only need to complete 25 hours to graduate; whereas, students transferring in with an Associates of Arts degree can easily have their service hours waived.

The service-learning center posts new opportunities every week on its website,, and an easy way to earn some hours in through the Relay for Life organization. Some other upcoming events include:

March 25, 2011- TGIF Teacher Supply Depot, Fiesta Fridays at New Heights, Animal Clinic Volunteer

March 26, 2011- Clean Green Earth! Monthly clean-ups, Saturday Academy, Animal Clinic Volunteer

April 1, 2011- TGIF Teacher Supply Depot, Relay for Life, Animal Clinic Volunteer

April 2, 2011- Saturday Academy, Relay for Life, Animal Clinic Volunteer

April 8, 2011- A Brush with Nature, TGIF Teacher Supply Depot, Fiesta Friday at New Heights

April 9, 2011- Clean Green Earth! Monthly clean-ups, A Brush with Nature, Saturday Academy

April 15, 2011- TGIF Teacher Supply Depot, Animal Clinic Volunteer

April 16, 2011- Earth Day River Clean Up, Animal Clinic Volunteer, Saturday Academy

Students can easily earn 25 hours by completing a course in Theater, English, Music Education, or Economics by taking a course marked “C” on Web Advisor.

Many more opportunities can be found on the service-learning website, or simply by walking into their office in Gooding, or even via phone at 904-256-7234. They also have a Facebook page that will keep you updated along with the Student News Letter.

A reminder for seniors graduating soon, all the paperwork for community service hours must be submitted by April 19, 2011 for eligible Latin honors or by May 4, 2011 for all other Spring graduates.