Jacksonville Men’s Lacrosse


Jacksonville Men’s Lacrosse Team, photo courtesy of Peyton Hinton

Peyton Hinton, Writer

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.— The season home opener looked different on Saturday in the Sunshine State.

Rain, lightning and thunder delay wasn’t the loudest thing you heard at JU’s Rock Stadium.

The number nine nationally ranked Jacksonville men’s lacrosse team hosted the High Point men’s lacrosse team in Rock stadium.

First home game in the Southern Conference against raining SoCon champs was cut short in the 4th quarter.

The first six minutes began with a 3-0 lead for High Point.

Jacksonville’s defensive then held High Point scoreless till the end of the first quarter until man down.

Man down had SoCon defensive player of the previous week, number six Colin Hinton, along with two time SoCon Defensive player of the week, number 11 Luke Millican, along with teammates, number 41 Dixon Smith, and number 22 Jack heed.

Full disclosure: the author is related to Colin Hinton.

The strongly-built Jacksonville defensive held High Points number 1 offensive player, Asher Nolting, to one goal and one assist.

“I prepped all week in practice specifically to defend Asher,” Hinton said.

#6 Colin Hinton, photo courtesy of Peyton Hinton

The second quarter started with heat as Jacksonville’s number 55 Ethan LaMond was letting them fly.

In the beginning of the season LaMond was out for breathing issues that are still occurring.

His first game back was the previous week against St. John’s.

As the team was working together defensively and offensively they let the ball flow into the net having an 8-5 lead on high point at half.

Rock Stadium was loud and impressed by the Jacksonville Dolphins. By the end of the third they were up by four.

As the storm rolled at the beginning of the fourth, the clock was ticking down and the excitement was kicking in.

High point went on to score back-to-back goals to be down by one with six minutes left with a drizzle.

Two and a half minutes go by that brought thunder, lightning, torrential down pour and a High Point goal leaving D.B. Milne Field with three 32 to go with Jacksonville up by one.

The boys head to the locker room with Coach Galloway hoping to be back in thirty minutes.   The delay was an hour long that brought wet slippery turf.

The tensions were high on the field and all fans came to support in the rain.

“This is going to be the longest three minutes of my life” Jacksonville parents said.

The three minutes started off in Jacksonville’s offensive side in number 42, Jack Dolan’s stick.

Jacksonville ran the 80 second shot clock down to ten then tried to score—they miss.

Midfielder number 14 Jeremy Winston picks up the ground ball and puts the dolphins on the board to make them up by two.

High Point retaliates and scores right away with two minutes left.

The face-off was won by highpoint on their offensive side but tripped a Jacksonville defensive player leading to a minute and thirty second penalty.

There was one minute, and 40 seconds left on the clock, Jacksonville’s ball.

Jacksonville offense holds the ball until seven seconds left to give it to High Point’s defensive side.

The ball goes back and forth on both sides of the field while the teams wait patiently for the clock.

The ref’s whistle blows as the clock was not started on time and the dolphins stormed the field with Coach Galloway.

“You decide the fate of the outcome of this team you proven this to time and time again” Galloway said, “And we are going to play for another championship.”


#5 Midfielder Ibrahim Pio, photo courtesy of Peyton Hinton