Snow & Sleep

Rachel Sadowski, Staff Writer

A tennis ball hangs from the light in the garage,

but tonight, the light is out, and there is no ball.

There is a chair,

there is a rope, fashioned into a rigid noose.

His blue eyes glimmer in the darkness,

as they did in his day-to-day life.


His smile was warm, like trees embracing the sun of the spring.

Excited hello’s and how are you’s shook his hand,

but he was still so lonely.

Even when he sang,

when the ensemble bellowed and whispered,

he could feel their loving touch, but he ached with sadness.

He needed sleep.


A breeze entered the garage from a window left ajar,

but he did not shiver.

He didn’t blink.

A message for friendship, opened and unanswered.

He always sang Christmas music, year-round,

joyful and triumphant.

Jolly were his ways, you would never know

that his heart was miles beneath cold snow.

Tea and coffee warmed his wintery hands, even in the blaze of summer.

How did we not see his cry for warmth?


The tree’s soft winds fill hollow ears,

his mother clings to us for support, were his fibers still in our dresses?

My heart is now blanketed by beautiful snow, heavy and shimmery.

And as he surrenders unto sleep…

a tennis ball should have been hanging,

a warning of how close the edge was.

If only sadness had brakes too.