Wild about water

JU rowing and sailing teams has first ever Waterfront Festival


Jamal Adjamah

2019 women’s rowing team during a race

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Are you and your friends looking for an exciting activity to participate in to kick off the beginning of spring break? The Jacksonville University Rowing and Sailing teams have just the event to help start your week off right.

Jacksonville University is preparing to celebrate a new event coming to campus March 6 and 7. The waterfront organizations on campus will be hosting the first Waterfront Festival to showcase the teams and educational resources of the school.

The event will have food trucks, bouncy castles, a DJ, and a touch tank featuring a variation of marine life for families and children from the community to enjoy. The activities are free and the event is open to anyone who would like to attend.

The rowing team and sailing team will be racing to show off their skills on the water. Freshman rower Agnes Gonzalez says she is excited to have the events publicized to the school.

“I think it’s nice we’re getting a chance to help raise awareness for more programs at JU,” says Gonzalez.

Both students and coaches are preparing for the event and publicizing it as much as possible. Margaret Dwyer, head coach for the women’s rowing team, says she is hoping for a large number in attendance.

“My expectations are that we have outstanding attendance,” says Dwyer. “Our goal is about 500 people or more.”

With this event being a first, everyone on the JU campus has hopes that this will become an annual event that can bring the community and students together for a fun, educational weekend. Coaches are also hoping that this will help the waterfront activities gain popularity.

Although the events throughout the day are free, there will be a ticketed gala and silent auction to raise money for the programs involved in the festival. Sophomore Mary-Grace Marts of the rowing team gives incite to where the funds will go.

“It is primarily to support the waterfront organizations such as MSRI, the men’s and women’s rowing teams, and the varsity sailing team,” Marts says.

As for the overall goal of the event, Dwyer says she just wants more people to know about the amazing opportunities that JU has for those interested in waterfront programs.

“Not many people are super familiar with the programs we have here on the water, so it’s great for us to get publicity.”