Finals are fast-approaching. Will you be ready?


Tim Gouw

Student in white shirt works on MacBook.

Romaura Rojas, Staff Writer

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.— Going through the semester, there are constant tests of knowledge, months of hard work coming to an end with the finish line mere inches away.

Still, in front of it lies one last challenge, the final test that often makes or breaks the path that had just been walked. Semester after semester, this pattern of education carries on with few breaks.

According to, 31 percent of a self-reported study of 1,000 students finds that the biggest source of stress for college students is midterm and final exams. It also found that only 2 percent of students experienced no stress, while 30 percent feel stressed almost the entire semester.

Kiante McClennon, a sophomore at Jacksonville University, knows what it is like to feel the stress of finals week. She works to combat this by seeking help on the campus.

“I found the Student Solutions Center, the Writing Center, and the tutoring center to help out during finals week,” said McClennon.

There are many resources available to help students on the campus, all of them dedicated to making their lives easier.

One such place is the Academic Support Center. Located on the 3rd floor of the Carl S. Swisher Library, free peer tutoring is available through appointments. Students can sign up for sessions online. A wide variety of courses are offered and tutors available daily to help.

Alyssa Girod, a senior at Jacksonville University and a tutor for three years, is passionate about the tutoring center and what it offers.

“We provide a holistic support,” said Girod. “Mental, emotional, and academic.”

The tutoring center is not just a place to review material, it is also a place where can receive encouragement and support. During the week, there sometimes isn’t difficulty in the material, but in getting to the final.

“Sometimes I spend an entire hour trying to encourage someone to actually go to their final because they feel they’re going to fail,” said Girod.

This worry comes with the stress of examination. It is a defining moment for grades, finals often making up a large percentage of the total.

Yasohara Miranda, a junior at Jacksonville University and Resident Advisor of Oak Hall, knows from her residents, and from personal experience, how stressful it can be.

“Some students get overwhelmed and begin to panic once they are in finals week,” said Miranda. “Most of the time, it is your last chance to bring up your grade.”

During finals week, she plans to make stress balls for her residents. This gives her a chance to not just calm them, but also give them an opportunity to talk to her about any of their concerns.

“Residential Life helps by putting on programs that can calm the nerves residents may have,” said Miranda.

All over the campus, different activities are made to help students stress less during finals. Residential halls will host events such as game nights, movies, and crafting. Miranda has one main piece of advice for all students to deal with the week.

“Utilize the resources we have on campus,” said Miranda. “Do not push yourself over your limits.”