An Open Letter to My Freshmen Self

Gabriela Lovera, Editor-in-Chief

This is the letter I wish someone would’ve written to my freshman self.

Dear Gaby,

Balance is everything. Especially when you are in college. Pulling all-nighters, living off sugar and fried foods, and only stopping by the gym on your way to Chick-fil-A will only ensure you two things: high cholesterol and a mental breakdown. I get it, at 18 you think you are invincible. “I’ll sleep when I die,” right? Well, guess again. Sleep deprivation and poor eating habits guarantee a bunch of things, none of which are long-term success. While you will become extraordinarily good at sacrificing sleep to meet deadlines, doing so takes a toll on your mood, body and overall wellness. Prioritizing will come in handy whenever you have too many assignments due. Try to commit to a daily routine and please squeeze in at least three meals a day, your brain will thank you later. Finding a healthy balance between school and life is possible, it just takes some commitment. Doing so will guarantee you, at least, some partial success. As an advice, save at least an hour a day  to do something you truly love; whether that be catching up on a show, reading, exercising, or macrame. You name it.

Love, Gaby