Iconic musical debuts at JU

Legally Blonde graces the stage of Swisher Theatre for the first time



Sarah Stepp playing Elle Woods at the Legally Blonde production with Dean Timothy Snyder

Janna Gaskins , Contributing Writer

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.— Jacksonville University College of Fine Arts continues to amaze many with their quality performances, but what is about to come to the theater will have you bending and snapping all the way home.

“I’ve sat in the rehearsals and have done some PR for the musical, and I strongly believe the production will be a phenomenal one,” said Angie Acedera, the fine arts senator.

The College of Fine Arts will be bringing Legally Blonde to the stage Thursday, March 28 through Sunday, March 31. There will be four performances.

“It is a super fun show, but it also has a deep and somewhat unexpected message,” said Acedera. “I believe even people who aren’t usually fans of musicals will enjoy the production.”

Sarah Stepp, is set to play the lead character, Elle Woods.

“It felt really exciting getting the lead because I knew there was a story I was going to get to tell and I was excited to tell it, and it has always been a dream role of mine,” said Stepp.

This play is more than just about stage lights, costumes and big dance numbers.  The cast and crew hope that those coming out to see the show will think about the deeper message they are trying to convey.

“It is a huge production but if you really look at it there are underlying messages, like don’t judge a book by its cover and how women deserve to be treated with respect regardless of what they look like,” said Stepp. “Just because a woman looks a certain way does not mean she should be treated with any less respect.”

During the performance, you will be exposed to situations that can be seen in society today.  When people think about Legally Blonde, their minds  automatically are filled with thoughts and images of the dumb blonde protagonist. However, the College of Fine Arts wants to get the wheels in your mind turning about just how common the situations shown in the play are in our everyday lives.

“The show has a lot of relevance to today,” said Stepp. “Unprofessionalism in the workplace is more relevant than we think. The show is important in opening up those conversations.”

Along with the big dance numbers and underlying messages, the cast members are always discovering new things about their characters and how they relate to them. They have been able to use these roles in their personal lives and to express themselves.

“I always think to myself, ‘What would Elle do?”’ said Stepp.

Brian Champion, a sophomore, is set to play the supporting role of Nikos Argitokos.

“This is my second time doing this production, and I played a different character,” said Champion. “It’s fun to rediscover specific things about the show that I didn’t the first time. This performance is a better opportunity to express what I can do.”

The performance of Legally Blonde by Jacksonville University’s College of Fine Arts will showcase the hard work and dedication of the team.

“There is not a day we are not sweating after a dance number because it is so physical and so active,” said Champion.

Champion encourages others to come and be ready for a good time.

“Come see Legally Blonde and be prepared to cheer, laugh, and cry with all of us.”