Lindsay John: One part of the bigger picture

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—Passionate, caring, and committed.

Those a few words that describe women’s basketball player Lindsay John.

A native from Cholet, France, John began playing at an early age. She attributes her passion for the game to her family.

“I officially started because of my family,” said John. “My whole family is basketball oriented. Both my dad and my brother played professionally, my mom also played but stopped, and my sister is currently playing as well.”

John, an economics major, believes that the best part of playing basketball is the camaraderie developed among teammates.

“I just love the fact that it’s not just about me,” said John. “It’s about us, the whole team, a bunch of people gathered together with the same goal at the end of the day.”

Being part of the team has helped John not only to overcome a language barrier but also to learn more about the game.

“They really helped me understand the game better,” said John. “In France, we have a different type of game. They helped me find a way to put my French version in the game, and also taught me new things that they only do here in America.”

Besides helping her overcome language and game challenges, John asserts that her team has made her feel welcome and at home.

“This team is awesome,” said John. “They are like family now and that’s what I really needed because being away from my family was hard. They took that responsibility and helped become a better player.”

Trudy Walker, social science major and forward in the team, believes John’s contribution is invaluable.

“On the floor, she’s a great facilitator,” said Walker. “She knows how to come in and do what she’s asked for.”

Walker believes that John is not only passionate for the game, but also for her team.

“As a person, she’s very caring,  very loving,” said Walker. “And she displays that on the floor as well, during practice, and in games.”

For Walker, John committed to helping her team in an out of the court.

“She helped me with the plays, understanding defense, understanding offense, understanding my coach and the reason behind some of her decisions,” said Walker. “She still is there to help me, talk me through things if I’m feeling confused, down or even doubt myself. She’s there with me academically also to make sure I’m not falling behind.”

Not only has the team benefited from having her in the court. John believes that being in the basketball team has definitely helped her grow and learn how to rely on others.

“The best part about being in a team is knowing that you can rely on people,” she said. “I usually do things by myself. I’m always on my own, and being in a team has helped me realize that sometimes that’s not enough. Sometimes you need help from other people.”